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Many dentists still use silver mercury amalgam fillings especially in the NHS. At our Practices in Kensington, Olympia, London we only use tooth-coloured white filling materials such as Filtek Z250 which are free from mercury.

What Are Tooth Coloured White Fillings?

White fillings or dental composites are made up of a resin (Bis GMA) base and fillers such as silica with various amounts of shaded filler to make the fillings more tooth coloured and life like.

How are white fillings placed?

Unfortunately the vogue at many other surgeries has become that quicker and easier is better, however long-term research has shown that this is the definitely not the case. I have read literally thousands of research papers whille studying for my Master's in Clinical Dentistry at King's College London, the result of all that research has been that we only use materials and techniques have have proven track records over long periods of time rather than the either newer materials that the reps try to sell because they areanaesthetic1 getting more commission or because a material is cheaper or easier to use.

We use white tooth coloured filling materials that we know will give the best long-term results.

Our dentists at our London and Pembroke surgeries first ensure that you are comfortably numb, before preparng the tooth. Prior to a white or tooth coloured filling being placed the tooth is etched, primed then adhesive is applied (many dentists use a single bonding agent in their fillings which can reduce long-term success rates by over 50%)

We use mostly Filtek Z250 for our white or tooth colored fillings. The reason for us choosing Filtek Z250 for our tooth colored white fillings is that some research has shown them to have a 10-year survival of about 85% which is considerably better than most tooth coloured white fillings. Also our protocols for placing white fillings are based on the findings of several reseach papers that have found the optimal techniques for achieving maximal strength as opposed to just doing what most other dentists do which rarely gives the best long-term results

Potential problems with white fillings:

Many dentists I speak to have problems with their composite fillings such as food packing. This is due to poor contouring of the contacts between a white filling and the tooth next door.

Comfortably numb

We always use anaesthetic gel prior to administering a local anaethetic which means that you feel comfortable while being numbed. We use the wand for administering the anaesthetic which is a computer-controlled dental injection system. The flow rate of the local anaesthetic is controlled by a computer, this means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady and therefore comfortable.

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